Sunday, November 22, 2009

My big news

Well the planets have finally aligned and I am up the duff. I am about 10 weeks along and very over it at this point. I had 1ml removed from my band a few days after I found out because I couldn't get any food down. I still have 24 hour nausea but at least I can get some food down. Since finding out 5 weeks ago I have lost about 2kg due to the nausea. Blob ( the name given to the foetus/parasite/unborn child) doesn't like meat of any description, cooked vegetables, most soft drink, water, eggs and some other foods every now and then. I have been having very low blood pressure e.g. 70/50 which makes getting up in the morning and moving quickly a little difficult and a bit dizzy. I am hoping that all the nausea, low BP and tiredness will go in a few weeks cos I am very over it. I have also decided not to find out what I am having as I want a surprise. Its funny how this decision has upset some people as they just HAVE to know......stiff. Its funny after having only a ml removed from my band it feels like I am nearly back to square 1 but I still notice I can't eat as much when I am hungry. I feel it is a combination of losing 25kg and giving up on the whole idea of having human kids. I have my fur children and it will be interesting to see how they go. They do well with other kids so they should be fine. Hope everyone else out there is going well in their lives and adventures.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bathurst Weekend

Well it is Bathurst weekend. Its the weekend in my year that you don't expect me to do anything late Saturday afternoon or all of Sunday for safety reasons. I sit on the couch and watch the Bathurst 1000 car race. I love Holden. I always have. Unfortunately at the moment we only own Fords but its better than walking when you live on a hill as big as ours. ;) So my race weekend consists of me sitting on the couch if you come over let yourself in cos I ain't getting up and get your own food and drinks. I do everything the night before and I get up at 6.30am and make myself comfy for the coverage to start at 7am. The day is filled with junk food and soft drink but its all good in moderation.

Another thing is this morning I weighed in at 83.2kg which means I have now lost a total of 24.6kg. I am getting so close to being 80kg and below it just spurs me on that little more. I am taking my current weight with a grain of salt as I haven't been to the gym since Monday or the pool for nearly a month and have been unwell for the last week. I think I have lost muscle mass more than anything. The pool reopens on Monday as far as I am aware and I will be returning to the gym as well. I have been having a bad time with food as at the moment as I am coughing that much and I have so much gunk in my chest that it doesn't make for successful eating at times.

I also have my talk I am doing on Monday night at my surgeons seminar to people who are thinking of getting a lap band done. I am going to make notes so I don't forget what I am there for and hope I don't choke. I don't do well in front of crowds of people I don't know so it is going to be a little interesting. Oh well I have my fat pants to show where I have come from so that will put it into perspective for me.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My rollarcoaster day....

Well it started out OK.........

I got an interview with a nursing agency so I can earn some more money and be more flexible with my shifts and study.

My husband was let go from his job but he is relieved as he hated it and felt they were dangerous people to work for and felt he was being used which he was, but now its back to job hunting again and this time there is no payout for us to live on.

I had some more fill put into this afternoon and the dietitian Bronwyn and my fill Dr, Dr Azzi were very impressed with my weight loss to date. They both said I have lost as much in a year as they would have expected in 2 years. They asked me to do a talk at Octobers' Lap Band seminar for people who are thinking of having lap banding done. I have my size 22 pants ready and waiting to show off. I feel a little nervous about doing it as I don't want to scare people off having it done but also don't want to make out its easy.

So that was my day today. I have been having a very up and down week as well I suppose.....

Monday was good I got to see my new furry niece, Sarah the Rottie puppie and my human niece and nephew,Tahlia and Lochlan.
Tuesday was good I went to the psychologist and felt like I was making some big breakthroughs as well as opening more cans of worms/issues. But got to work and we were one nurse down and Dr so I was very flat out and didn't leave till after 6pm.
Today started out good and then slowly went to shit.

I can only hope my week gets better.......or else it won't be pretty.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My latest up date

Since 6th April 2009 till today I have lost

49.49cm Laughing

10.10kg Laughing

7.07% in body fat Laughing

Saturday, September 19, 2009

A year on.......

Well it has been a year since I had my life changing surgery, my gastric lap band inserted. In that year I have lost nearly 23 kg, gone from a size 22 pants to a size 14-16 and lost about 2 metres off my hips, thighs, abdomen, arms and boobs. My BP has gone from 130/90 to 110/60. I don't get puffed doing simple tasks. A year ago I wouldn't go out with friends cos I was embarrassed about the way I looked and felt. I wouldn't go shopping for clothes as nothing would fit and I would come home in tears. Now I don't think twice out going out shopping or hanging with friends. Now I get up 5 days a week and go to Curves, then the pool and then to work. I feel lost if I don't go to curves and the pool I know very weired. I realise I am going to have a lifetime struggle with my weight loss and I have about 20kg to go to my end goal weight but I am well on my way there. Thanks to everyone who has supported me, encouraged me, put up with me and just plain been there for me. I will post some before and after pics when I get a chance. Thanks again.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Quick Update

Another kg gone.....
total to date 22.3kg gone
20.5kg to go till 65kg
Currently 85.5 8.9.09

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Well I have started on the new Curves fitness and weight management plan. I have had to slightly tailor it to my needs as I can't eat as much food as everyone else or the same food due to the band. I have also bought some celebrity slim shakes to have a 4.30am when i get up as my tummy doesn't really function well at that hour of the day.

I have been really good doing uni work and working out so all is getting better on that front. i have drawn up a timetable that my psychologist wanted me to do and it shocked me how much I was trying to fit into my days. I now realise why I felt so out of control.

I have an engagement party coming up on the 19th September that I really want to have toned up a bit in that time.

I am feeling more positive about things and thanks to everyone for their comments, encouragement, advice and support, it means the world to me. Thanks again!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Best of the ABC

Best of the ABC
Funny how they always say the complications and bad points of weight loss surgery and not actually about obesity complications!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

I've hit a rut

Well I thought I would post a few thoughts......I have been in a rut lately. I have been on placement for uni for 2 weeks at Kurri hospital. I haven't been to the gym since getting over the swine flu and being on placement. Food choices have been crap and haven't really been going down at all. I have been feeling all round crap. Uni work isn't getting done cos I just plain can't be bothered. House is a bomb site and I feel like heaps of stuff is piling up on me mental and physical stuff. In 3 weeks it will 12 months since I first got my band. Yes I have lost 22kg but I feel I could have done a lot better and yes I know I have achieved a lot but its just how I feel. I am going to make a big effort in September to go back to going to the pool and curves 5 days a week and doing uni stuff EVERY night. I am seeing my psychologist and my GP on Monday, it will be interesting as I have kinda dropped the ball since seeing them both and I know the chat I will be having and the consequences that will have to be done. I am hoping to have a better report once I have my weigh in and measure at Curves on Tuesday.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Time for a catch up

Well I log on today and realised it has been over 2 months since I last posted. I have now lost over 21kg forever and I feel somewhat healthier. My size 16 jeans and pants are now getting loose on me which is good. I have about 10kg to lose till my first major reward which is a ride in a friend of mines 4wd rally car. At the moment though I currently have the dreaded swine flu so I am feeling like right royal crap. I have been juggling curves, going to the pool, uni work and normal work. Life has been very full on and hectic lately. I will attempt to try and keep more up to date as I do find it good to sure my achievements.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Less than 30kg to go

Hi everyone,
Well I have stepped on the scales and I have less than 30kg to go to my goal weight. I have been so busy lately with hubby losing job, uni placement, uni exams next week that I haven't done ANY study for, rallying and just me normal day to day stuff that it is hard to sometimes step back and realise where I have come from and where I am going to. I have been seeing a psychologist who is helping me work through some long pent up issues I have in gained in my lifetime. I have only been to 2 sessions but I feel I am making some progress, but she also gives me homework which sucks so add that to my long list of things to do. I now I am getting somewhere I would just like to be there now...........

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My update from May 09

Well I had my weigh in and measure last Monday and in a month I have lost 14.5cms, 2.1kg and 1.76% of body fat. I am beginning to notice some parts of my weight loss such as I don't have as much of a jelly belly that I used to have, and my upper arms don't jiggle underneath as much as they used to. All good.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Placement over, back to the real world.............

Well my 2 weeks of nursing placement are over. I am looking forward to getting back to my normal routine next week of Curves, pool and work. I have now lost a total of 17.2kg, despite not doing any exercise in the last 2 weeks and eating some very unhealthy choices. Oh also looking forward to getting paid again, I have nearly forgotten what that is like.

Husband still hasn't found a job, but does have a job interview on Monday. Isn't exactly what he is after but it is a start in the right direction. I have been feeling really helpless for him as there isn't really anything I can do for him except cheer him up.

Well the next 3 weeks are going to be the busiest and the most stressful for a while. We have to find a new car before next weekend, study for exams, go to course for work, curves, pool, work, go to Bega over the long weekend for a car rally, then come home, study for exams, curves, pool, work, another course for work, then sit the exams the week after. I have been really slack with my uni work so I am hoping for a miracle that my studying will actually stick in my head.

I have also started seeing a psychologist for my depression and I feel a real connection with her so I am hoping for some great outcomes. I have also redefined some goals in life to more manageable ones.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Well as of this morning I have lost 17.2kg. I haven't been to the gym this week as I have been at placement at Wyong and have been starting by getting up at 5am and not getting home till about 5pm. I have still been having some self doubt moments but I am going to see a psychologist to sort out some helpful solutions tomorrow. I have been going well with food until today but we are all allowed a bad day here and there aren't we??

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More Fill

Well I don't know what I have done but I must have smiled at someone good. I rang today to get a fill appointment and what do you know I get in last thing today. I have lost some weight since the last time I have been there and Bronwyn the dietitian and Tony the fill doctor were very impressed with my progress. So I now have 6mls in my band. I am hoping this kick starts my weight loss again because it appears to have stalled in the last few weeks

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ho Hum

Well I been feeling really up and down lately. I was weighed and measured at Curves on Monday morning and I have lost 2.7kg in 3 weeks and lost 9cm off my body. I have been feeling good about my weight loss and size 16 pants and size 12 swimmers but alas I still feel like crap. I have been starting to feel depressed and down in the dumps again. I know I have been taking on too much but I don't have much choice at the moment between work, losing weight/going to pool and curves, uni work and rallying as well as trying to keep my home life together. Its a thin line no matter what way I look. Sometimes I feel like a failure that I don't have kids (despite some trying), I didn't go to uni out of school, I don't have my dream job any more, I don't have much savings, I don't have a close relationship with my brother or many of my relatives at all. I haven't lost as much weight as I would have liked. I think sometimes my expectations of my self are too high and I am setting myself up for failure. I am going to see my GP on Friday so I might see about getting some therapy again..........just so I can have someone else tell me I am crazy and insane.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Well as I told you the other day I have gone from a size 22 pants to a size 16. Well now I have gone from a size 18 swimmers to size 12. So as well as buying 2 pairs of swimmers in size 12, I have also bought some hand paddles that apparently will work my arms when I am swimming and help burn more fat. Food is going ok, but other things in life not that good. Kira my youngest dog started coughing and vomiting Friday afternoon. We took her to the emergency vet on Saturday morning and she was diagnosed with having a strain of Kennel cough that isn't covered by the vaccination that dogs are given. So having a miserable puppy with doggie flu that doesn't like having her cough medicine and is so short of breath she can go far without coughing is not a good way to spend your weekend. Suzie so far we think has escaped it. I have been doing some of my uni assignment in between comforting Kira and keeping Suzie still so she doesn't hype Kira up. Also haven't been sleeping well as I am so worried about Kira, I have also been sleeping on the couch as she finds it easier jumping up on that, not so good for mum to sleep on, oh well things you do for your kids!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Size 16 pants here I am

Well I have finally got some new pants for work and they are a 16. A little tight but bugger me they do up without the aid of someone else. I have been to Curves and the pool today and can definitely tell the weather is getting cooler as it gets a little chilly getting out of the pool. I will hopefully be getting some more swimmers this weekend and some other stuff so that will be good. Food has been a little bit of an issue this week but I am trying to improve bit by bit. A girl I know that was banded the same day as me rang me the other day in a little bit of a state as she has been struggling with no restriction and slow weight loss. It made me think that I am going ok and I am doing better than others in the same boat. I know I can still improve by a long way but I am somewhat on my way.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Back in the swing of things

Well I am going back to the gym and pool regime tomorrow after a week and a half off. It is going to be hard getting up early again after all these days of sleeping in. I am going to try hard and be under 90kg by the end of May. More of a post when I find the motivation too.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

15kg down and another charm

Well I have bought the charm for my 15kg of weight loss. I have bought a nut as in a nut and bolt for my dad, he is a fitter and turner and is very handy as a fix it man. He is very supportive and proud of me for what I have done and how fun I have come. My husband and I had lunch with my parents yesterday and I managed to find a nurses hat charm that I had been looking for everywhere. So I got that to represent my mum and now the cross I have is for me to have faith in myself and faith that I can do this.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Nearly 15kg gone nearly a 1/3 of the way to my goal

Well I have nearly lost 15kg which means I have about 30kg to go. I have been banded just under 7 months. I saw friends of mine last night that I hadn't seen since Australia Day and they couldn't stop commenting how good I look. A friend of mine that was against me having it done in the first place was there and she said she was very proud of me that I hadn't just been relying on the band to get me through that I had been going to Curves and the pool 5 days a week. She is a State and National level swimmer and also has a certificate in personal training. She is also thinking of joining me at the pool in the mornings with Vennice so that will be good to have someone with us that has a clue. Another plus is she makes swimwear and also stocks other swimming stuff as well.

At the moment food is a bit of a bugger, some foods I can eat like a champion and other foods I eat as much as a fussy 2 year old. I am trying to eat health stuff. I try and eat the protein content first before the other stuff so if the rest doesn't go down at least I have some goodness. For the next week is going to be a challenge as I will be busy organising, running and participating in a car rally at Lithgow surrounded by boys that that eat and drink as much as a small American state. I don't drink so I am the permanent designated driver and mother hen. I know I will have a ball and they all know I have a band and they are all somewhat understanding as much as boys can be.

Other issues lately have been UNI work that has somewhat been very lax. I haven't been feeling very motivated and now it is biting me in the arse. I haven't been feeling motivated about other stuff as well such as housework and other relationships, but I guess they are all a work in progress.

Friday, April 3, 2009

What a week......

What a week.....well this week has been very up and down and up and down and you get the picture.

Tuesday I started at Edgeworth Curves, love it. It is different to what I know but that is good and the staff are very hands on and push you to push yourself.

Wednesday went to Neurologist for the follow up after a MRI I had a while ago because I am a klutz. He is thinking I have a VERY mild form of cerebral palsy that wasn't diagnosed as a child and its the only thing he can use to explain my symptoms at the moment, so I need to see a physio for some balance exercises and really try hard to increase my core strength and stability. That night I went to my Central Coast Weight loss Surgery Support Group meeting. Despite nearly having an accident and getting washed away on the free way from the rain I made it and I enjoyed it. We spent time talking about our exercise regimes and some of the issues people have with their kids and relationships with the people around them.

Thursday, nothing much out of the ordinary, gym, pool, work, and beauticians. Home, dinner Bed.

Today is my last Friday at Lambton Family Medical Centre and my 2ND last day working there, so it is sad because I love everything about the place EXCEPT the company that owns us.

Primary Health Care YOU SUCK and I wish you would just curl up in a ball and go away. Ahh that feels better.

Hope all is well in everyone else's world and I will attempt to post some more stuff tonight.

Monday, March 30, 2009

umm just don't know

Well tomorrow I start at Curves at Edgeworth. Which is going to be interesting because it is so different to what I know.

I have so much on in the next weeks. I have uni assignment due, car rally to help organise and run, job to leave, weight loss meetings to attend and doctors appointment plus lots and lots of other stuff that I think I have blocked out of my head for the moment due to it being too traumatic to remember it all.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Exercise Buddy

Well I have made the move out of my home base Curves at Wallsend, to Curves Edgeworth. I have made the move for a few reasons. A girl I work with goes to Edgeworth and wanted an exercise buddy so now that I am now working full time at West Wallsend I drive past it everyday so it made sense and they open earlier so I get more time at the pool. I don't think Vennice knows what she is in for exercising with me, but will be good having someone else there.

My weight loss seems to have stalled again which is giving me the shits. I don't think my last fill has done much at all but I'm glad I didn't get too much as that would have been a disaster.

I am struggling big time juggling uni work and housework and life work. I feel I am getting to the end of my tether but I just have to keep trudging....

Monday, March 23, 2009


Anyone who gets queasy look away now.....I think since I have lost weight my periods have been getting worse. I feel as though my uterus is trying to fall out. I didn't go to the gym or pool today as I felt so ukky. I hope I am just going through a faze cos a hysterectomy is looking real good about now.

I am hoping my weight won't blow out cos I am feeling so crappy. I will attempt to go to everything again tomorrow!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Need some more hours in the day and energy

Hi all, well I stepped on the scales this morning and I have lost another few grams bringing it to 12.4kg lost. I just wish I had more time in the day to fit everything in. I get up at 5am check emails and other stuff, have breakfast, leave for curves about 6am I'm there till 6.45ish then to the pool and I'm there till about 8am then off to work. I'm home from work about 5.30-6pm then I have dinner do some hand weights in front of TV or in bed and then I am so tired from doing all that, that I find it difficult to be able to get motivated to do any uni work and I'm so tired that I am in bed by 8.30pm. I am running out of time to do everything, so the house is a mess, I am so behind in everything and I am getting down in the dumps about it all. I am so over it all that it would be so easy to give it all up and go back to the easy life of shift work in the hospital with good pay again, rallying on the weekends and family life again. I enjoy going to the gym and I know where the uni course is going to get me but it is giving me hell just getting there. I work in the Doctors offices so I have a Monday to Friday day job, but the pay is crap and I feel I am losing my clinical skills, but I do have my weekends and evenings free but unfortunately they don't pay the bills or help to get savings in the bank. Oh woe is me that is my whinge for the day.....................

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Another .3ml in

Well I have had another .3ml put in so I now have 5.7mls and I have made an appointment for 1 month to go back and probably have some more depending how I go. Bronwyn (the guru/dietitian) was really happy with how I was going so that was really pleasing to hear. She said I just need to lose another 5 kg by September and I will be at their average weight loss, ummm I think I can do it!!!

Fill Day

Well I have another appointment with Dr Azzie and Bronwyn this afternoon for hopefully some more fill. The only time I have been having issues is when I am stressed (usually uni work) or not concentrating. I can eat bread, steak, lettuce, basically everything except tomato and I'm even getting better with chicken!!I will hopefully post another report tonight after fill. Have a great day!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

My day

Well today I have weighed myself this morning and I now have lost 12.1 kg. Which is great except that I'm still having big issues with my self esteem and and self image. I am having trouble stepping out of the big morbid super obese me and into the big morbid obese me. My husband gave me a $100 to go shopping for clothes this morning but I couldn't find anything I liked or more importantly felt comfortable in, which means I got the shits with my self and Brendon got the shits with me for not stepping out on a limb and just getting stuff. Oh well my battle with the bulge and my mind will continue....

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

11.7kg gone forever

Well I got on the scales this morning and I have lost some more weight finally. I had hit the plateau for a while there. I was thinking that all the extra gym and pool stuff was all for nothing but now the light at the end of the tunnel is a little brighter and a little closer. I am now feeling a little better about the whole saga that is my life, now down with the weight and up with the weight loss attitude.

Friday, March 6, 2009

So over it all

Well I realised today that I hadn't posted in a week so thought I had better. Weekend was a bit of disaster hubby and I had HUGE fight. Monday unremarkable went to gym, pool, work, Tuesday nothing spectacular gym pool work. Wednesday gym pool work and went to weight loss surgery support group meeting after work and met 2 lovely dietitians for some other surgeons. Got home about 10pm and attempted to do some uni work and failed to keep my eyes open, went to bed about 11pm. Couldn't wake up in time for the gym and pool the next morning. Today I went to gym pool and work and now Im buggered. I have so much uni work and house work to catch up on its not funny. I have been PBing a lot at home with dinner, not fun. I will be starting a 6 week solution program at curves from the 16th of this month.

I will attempt to blog more and make it more interesting.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Need a new life anyone got one for sale.......

Well I have been sick for the past few days and finally succumbed to it. I went to my doctors yesterday for the results of my blood tests and it turns out that I have Pernicious anemia which is a B12 deficiency which means I need to have a B12 injection every 3 months. Joy of joy. He said that I shouldn't have battled on with viral illness I have cause it has actually gone to my chest and I have the potential for it to turn into pneumonia so I now have a puffer I have to have 4 times a day. So I haven't been able to do anything but sit around and feel sorry for myself. I have been able to catch up some uni stuff which is good.

I had a phone call from my husbands aunt who live in Adelaide, and I was giving her the low down on the band progress and the update on the family issues and just a general catch up. It was good to talk to someone who understood all the family issues and who had been through some of it. Can you believe it has been 2 months since I spoke to the sister in law and mother is law.

The band and I have an OK relationship some good moments and bad. I'll be seeing my Fill Dr in a few weeks so that will be good to be able to rein in some more control. I can eat most things and I have to eat every 2 hours otherwise I feel really hungry and unwell. I drink over 2 litres of a water a day so it no thirst.

I had a massage the other day and i am just getting over the bruises now, I had bruises all where my trigger points were cos, the guru said to tell him when the pain got bad but it never did so he kept going. I feel heaps better for it but the guru said I would be a work in progress cos of all the things I do with my life I don't look after it that crash hot so.

Oh well I hope to go for a walk tomorrow with the husband and dogs and at least have some sort of exercise.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I have the man flu

I have an upper respiratory tract infection at the moment so I have a runny nose, sore throat, cough and fevers. Still going to curves and the pool cos they reckon that if you exercise while sick you sweat out the germs. Going to see GP tomorrow for the results of my blood tests I had last week. Haven't even weighed myself this week cos I feel so crappy. Food choices haven't been that good cos I feel so crappy I don't wanna eat good food.

Friday, February 20, 2009

11kg gone forever

Well the scales have finally moved. I now weigh 96.8 which means I have lost 11kg!!!! Yeah so everything I have been doing the getting up a 5am and busting my gut hasn't gone to waste!! Yeah sorry I just had to share that.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dirty weekend away

Well we are going away for the first rally event of the year at Ulladulla. It will be my second event post banding and first one post any fill.......I hope I go ok as we will also be camping and will be 30mins away from any great civilisation. So it is going to be a weekend of eating crap food and no really be good at all........oh well its not like I do it every weekend.

Going ok with food at the moment so that is a plus and I am still going to the gym and pool and getting comments about my weight loss and my clothes are getting a little loose which is good.

Hope you all have a great weekend!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The week ahead

Well I thought I would update everyone now on my week ahead in case I don't get a chance. Went to GP Friday and he is sending me off for oodles of blood test cos i haven't had any for a while. He is doing everything from the normal full blood counts, cholesterol and liver function to hormones and blood group, so I will have to fast for 12 hours from 8pm tonight and then get the other nurse at work to take the blood from me. I'll go back and see him in about 2 weeks for the results. I won't be going to the gym tomorrow morning as you aren't suppose to exercise before a blood test. I won't be going to the gym on Friday either as we will be getting ready to go to Ulladulla for a car rally early in the morning, so it will be a shortened week for me work wise and gym wise.

Seem to be having good moments and bad moments with my band at the moment. I can eat bread in one sitting then cant in the next. Still having issues with chicken and tomato so I just avoid them now. Weight loss seems to have stalled so feeling a bit down about that and also the realisation about how hard things are going to be this year with the band, uni, 4 workplaces, money issues and of course all the normal stuff family, mental health and my friends.

Still haven't spoken to sister in law and mother in law since before Christmas so that has been a good thing on my end don't know don't care about the other end.....Its one less drama that I have had to think about once a week for the past 2 months.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Clean out time

Well it is still raining here, it seems it has been raining no stop for about 3 days. Over the years I collected various items of clothing in various sizes and various um fashion eras. I finally went through it today and had my husband say yes and no to items that he liked and didn't like. I ended up with 2 bags of stuff for the Vinnie's and the others I have washed and pack them away again in their different sizes. With the weight I have been losing sometimes it is hard to decide what I can fit into and what I want to wear. So I have decided that from now on no hanging onto clothes that i may need to wear again cos get that big in size, I will give them away so I have no option of getting this big again. Now if I could just clean out the rest of my house I may have room to move and it may look more presentable.

Lately my weight has been getting me down again I don't seem to be losing much on the scales despite all the gym and pool work and haven't been losing the cm that I thought I would be and it is all happening a bit slow for me. I have some restriction but can still eat somewhat a lot. I am going to ring my Dr on Monday and see if i can get in earlier for some more fill.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Oh good lord its morning

Hi all well it is about 5.30am its raining its dark its cold and I'm still getting ready for the gym and the pool (which is an outside pool!!). I think I have finally become addicted to exercise, thought it would never happen but hey.......Also went out to dinner last night for my 3 year wedding anniversary and had lettuce in public and didn't need to throw up yeah!!!!! Well I'm going to my GP this afternoon after work to discuss a few things that have been happening so that should be good, I really love my GP and i get along well with him. He has been a big inspiration in my life in the last few year so it will be great to see him.

Hope everyone out there in cyber world is going well and that you are staying on track.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Latest Curves weigh in and measure

Well I have somewhat jumped back on the bandwagon. I went to Curves this morning and had my monthly weigh in and measure. Its about a week late due to my time in Armidale but I didn't put much on. Here are the stats, since the 5.1.09(last weigh in) -9.2.09 I have lost 13.5 cms off my waist, abdomen, hips, thighs and arms and 2.06kg. I have also put my name down for the 6 week challenge that also involves going to a meeting once a week to discuss eating patterns and other healthy mind healthy body subjects.....

I have an appointment with my Lovely GP on Friday to discuss all the things that have been going on since about June last year (the last time I saw him). I haven't even seen him since I was banded so I know I am going to be in big trouble.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Home sweet home

Well I made it home from Armidale, but now the real fun starts.....This year of Uni they say is the hardest. So now I have to be disciplined to keep up with everything and time manage myself to do everything and still have time for the inner me.

Yeah home time

Well I have survived a week at Armidale, out of my comfort zone with food and somewhat survived. We have had a few PB moments and eaten some crap food and haven't really done any out of the way exercise. But I feel I probably needed to concentrate on the reason why I was learn and network with the other people in my class. I will be going home today to my own bed, my own food and back to my exercise regime on Monday. I will also need to try and be dedicated to doing Uni work cos if I fail I have to start my course all over again and I don't and won't want to do that. I have somewhat enjoyed my time here but it will be good to go home.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Boo Hoo :(

Well I was going so well with no Pb's for a day or so but had steak for dinner at the college where I'm staying. Not good, chuck up, had hot chocolate to soothe everything, nope it came back up as well. Just had a bread roll and it went down fine......bizarre. Well I only have a day and half left then it is back home and do all the stuff I just learnt about!! Can't wait to get home and sleep in my own bed again and eat my own food.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Well a few things are going right today. I have managed to keep all my food down today, no PBs. I have got over the hump of uni res school and we are now on the down hill slide, only 2 and half days to go. I haven't been doing much exercise but I have been doing a lot of walking around uni and its up and down hills. I will attempt to keep on my no chucking regime and attempt to walk up and down some more hills.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Food issues

Hi well after my first full day at uni res school, I am well and truly over this. I know I need to keep my eye on the bigger picture but the bigger picture is so far away.

Well I had food issues with lunch, it was pizza that after 2 bites of the base I decided it wasn't worth it and just attempted the topping, still no good. I re saw it a few times but eventually all good. I attempted dinner but had issues with that. More issues than I did with lunch. Oh well I have juice and old favourites to back me up and keep going. The girl I am here at uni with is banded as well and she has been banded a lot longer than me and she had issues with lunch and dinner so I don't feel so bad or alone.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Got to Armidale safe and sound!!!!

Well I have arrived at University of New England at Armidale. I hate the heat so don't do well up here in summertime. I have passed my first meal test at dinner. I had lasagna and chips and I stopped before I had to much which was good. Now I just have to get through the rest of the week. I have promised my self to walk every morning early so it isn't too hot........

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bit of pain day

Well I have had one of those days, I didn't feel like much breakfast so I just had a celebrity slim shake, I was about to go out to the shops when I developed left shoulder and neck pain. I have never had this pain before, so in the car I had some Panadol and Brufen that had a little trouble going down. Very strange as I have never had problems with tablets before. We got to the shops and I shared a muffin with my husband and I think between the painkillers and the muffin the pain has gone.

While I was at the shops I got my 2nd charm in my weight loss journey. I purchased a cross as the nurse hat is apparently no longer available. My mum is a nurse and she is the reason I have my lap band, she suggested it, supported me getting it and paid for it.

Tomorrow I leave for Armidale for a week for Uni. I am doing my uni course by correspondence so I attend the campus for a week every semester for a week for lectures. During this week traditionally we get feed good food from the dormitory where we stay but we have our own little stash of "other food stuffs " in the fridge in our rooms. Traditionally I don't do any sort of exercise except walking up the big hill to the lecture hall and walking around the uni campus.

So I must leave you and attempt to finish packing and getting into the uni zone of mind.........

Friday, January 30, 2009

Thank god its Friday......

Well thank god it is Friday. I have had one of those weeks that I don't want to repeat. After Monday its all gone down hill. After carrying stuff to and from the car on Australia Day My shoulders and back were buggered so I went to the gym Tuesday, Thursday and Friday but not Wednesday. My food intake has varied from great to down right disgusting. My mood has gone from happy go lucky to tired irritable cranky snappy and down in the dumps.

I am going to Armidale on Sunday for a week for Uni. I hate Armidale and loathe the place. I enjoy the fact that once I'm there I can only do uni work and not worry about other stuff, but I don't do well with people that don't listen in lectures then ask the same question that was just answered. I enjoy the fact that I get to hang out with a cool friend of mine Jayne that is as psycho as I am and we get along very well. She is also banded and this will be my first res school banded. I enjoy being away but hate the town there is nothing to do after hours and I hate going to the pubs cos they are a completely different breed of people. I am going to try and do some walking and some swimming if we can fit it in to keep up my exercise and maybe help my mental health, so I apologise in advanced for some of my posts that will be coming over the next week.

Monday, January 26, 2009


Well I stepped on the scales this morning and I now weigh 98kg. I am now 200g off my first 10kg weight loss. I also bought a pair of 3/4 jean shorts in size 18 cos the size 20 pair I had I could take off without undoing them. I am so happy that it is all coming together and that me getting u at 5am to go to the gym and pool have not been in vain.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Last night......

Well after yesterday telling everyone I hadn't had a pb in over a week I had one last night. Chicken with no sauce and I don't mix. So up it came.... The funny thing is though we were at friends of ours that have a rottweiler named Winston, he hadn't met my 2 girls Suzie a chihuahua x staffy and Kira an american staffy. So we decided thta because it was so hot that we would bring them around so they cpuld enjoy the ac as well which is all good except everytime I went to the toilet to clear pb I had my own little fan club following me and waiting for me. How cute. On the whole they got on well except Winston waning to chew my girls ears, Kira making faces at him wanting to play inside after Winston was banished to his mat and Suzie wanting to be on the couch after being told no many many times, oh and Kira and Suz staring at the bird cage wondering what the hell it was cos they had never seen a bird in a cage before. Oh well Australia Day tomorrow which will mean lots of sitting around at Speers point park if its not too hot and chewing nibbles and BBQ. I promise I will try and be good........maybe....

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Progress and eye on the prize

Hi everyone, well since my fill I can notice the smallest of difference in my restriction.

My husband asked me last night what my goals were. He has said that when reach my goal clothing size he is going to get me a 50's style pin up girl photo shoot, and he is going to get one of those photos tattooed on him. I love the 50's style rockabilly era and would love to be those girls. At my current size there was no way I could wear those clothes and look good let alone fit into them. He has also promised me to take me shopping at some rockabilly shops for some clothes and my mother has said when I get to size 12 she will buy me a new wardrobe clothes. Hello just another light at the end of the tunnel.

Well I have been going to Curves every morning and then the pool doing laps with my kick board and flippers. I have been trying to watch what I eat and I haven't had a PB for at least a week....yeah me!!

Well I am getting my hair done tonight. I am getting my foils put back in and it dyed blue my usual colour. I haven't felt like getting my hair done for about 9 months but I am attempting to take more pride in myself and keep my mental health in check cos at the moment I feel it slipping southward. I have an appointment with my Gp 13.2.09 after I get back from my week at Armidale for Uni residential school ( read week in hell in a boring town with people who don't listen in lectures then ask the same questions someone else just asked and the heat oh my god!!!) I will attempt to stay positive and I have started making a list of everything to ask my doctor about, I could be there for a while.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More Fill

Well I had another .3mls put in my band. So that is now a total of 5.4mls in a 10 ml band. I can feel more restriction already which is great. I have been going to the gym and then to the pool and then onto work. If I didn't do it before work I wouldn't do it at all cos I am so tired and irritable by the time I finish work it wouldn't be worth it. All going well otherwise. House still a mess Uni work not really started and yard looks like a bomb has hit it. But hey no one ever died wishing they did more housework.

Monday, January 19, 2009

My Qld trip

Well I have been to Tallebudger near the Gold Coast for a friend of mines housewarming party. I did well food wise. I only had one chuck due to a chicken drumstick that wasn't quite chewed enough. As I said to my friend Karen I eat like a 2 year old, ie,I take a while, don't eat much and when bored I play with the rest. Really enjoyed myself and would love to do it again real soon but maybe without the 8 hour drive both ways in one weekend.

Bandwise I feel good. I am having another fill hopefully on Wednesday so that we curb the amout I am eating and keep me fuller for longer as at the moment I have to eat every 2-3 hours to keep the rumbling at bay. For all saying it is head hunger or you are just dehydrated I drink over 2Ls a day and if i don't eat when my tummy rumbles I get dizzy and feel really odd. I am going to discuss all this with my wonderful dietitian Bronwyn.

Monday, January 12, 2009

My day ......what a day

Well off to a somewhat bad start running late to gym but ate a proper breakfast. Went to the pool after the gym as I every morning. Get to pool, pool closed till further notice sign on door. So go and wait outside work for an hour and eat the innards of a potato pie. Regret eating same pie nearly straight after it. Get to work and get started during my day I end up dealing with delusional old lady who we needed to call an ambulance on. Spend the day in a hot little car with no aircon. Then attempt lunch..a mini crispy chicken wrap. Get nearly all the way through then got over excited and needed to 'clear' the last part. Get hungry later and have a packet of salt and vinager chips. I then get my hair done and attempt to have subway for dinner. A 6 inch meatball sub cut in half. Didn't end well. Oh well new day tomorrow to start a fresh.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday weigh in

Well I have weighed myself today and I have now lost another .6 kg so I now weigh 99.2kg and a total lose of 8.6kg!! Food is beginning to get me down. I can eat 3 cruskits with salad on them but can't eat bits of chicken breast and salad.....oh well live and learn, maybe I need to reassess my chewing of chewy foods before I go there again.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Time for a fill......

Well I thought that I was going OK there since my last fill. I was having a few things stuck here and there, but now its only if I don't chew properly. But lately I am eating everything, and I'm getting hungry, I don't mean head hunger I mean tummy growling even after having a drink. Also my weight loss has somewhat stopped I have lost 8 kg since my surgery nearly 4 months ago and I have been going to the pool and curves 5 days a week.

I am booked for another fill on the 22nd so hopefully that goes OK as I will be going to Armidale for uni for a week from the 1st-7th Feb. But on the plus side one of my very good friends is at uni with me and she also has been banded so we know all about pbing and the issues.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Well last night I went to my monthly meeting of the Central Coast Weight loss Support Group. Even though I need to drive 1 hour to get there and everytime I have gone there so far the local police have pulled me over for stupid things, have wasted my time and I wasn't doing anything ticket worthy!! Oh well, back to the meetings, I love going to these meetings the girls and boys are fantastic, Not a bitchy one in the room. I love sitting around and talking about everyones experience and comparing notes. We brainstorm ideas about issues people maybe having. I love it I look forward to it in my month. Anyone that has been banded or is thinking about it or people who are interested in weightloss should come and take in the vast knowledge that is flying around the room.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Exercise and other tid bits...

Well I have continued on my new improved exercise routine of curves then the pool 5 days a week. I feel much better for it and feel bad if I don't do it...........I didn't ever think I was going to be like that!!

Well I was measured and weighed yesterday at curves and in a month I have lost 28.5cm off my body, 2.5 kg and 1.87% off my total body fat!! Yeah me!! Now if I could just get my eating of crap foods and drinking of crap drinks under control imagine what I could do in a month!! May I add that these losses were also over Christmas when I only went to the gym 12 times due to holidays and so forth..

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Under 100kg

Well I weighed myself this morning and I now weigh 99.8kg so for the first time in many years I now weigh under 100kg!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Eve

Well NYE 08-09 has been done and dusted. I survived well. We went to a BBQ for friends of ours from the rallying community that have decided to relocate to QLD. It was good to hang out with everyone in a non pub environment. I didn't eat to much or feel the need to clear any blockages so the night went well. I drank soft drink all night and the fizzy didn't really bother me as I used a lot of ice to flatten it.

The next morning though was a different story. After having breakfast of 2 Weetbix at the home of the friend we were staying with at we decided to make for home. Due to it being 3 hours since I last ate and assuming that we would probably get stuck on the freeway we decided to have a pie on the way home which was going well except that driving and eating a pie is not the best idea for someone driving home on the freeway with all the insane hungover Sydney people and holiday makers with tired kids screaming in the back seat. I know as a lap banded person I should concentrate on eating very small bites and taking my time, but I have learned my lesson for today after pulling over on the side of the road after eating half the pie while driving and feeling very average so for the next 20 km I was trying hand not to panic. After pulling up on the side of the road and putting on a spew show for the passing motorist we continued on our way home without further incidents and we didn't even encounter any accidents or police which is very odd driving from Sydney to Newcastle on new years day.

I am having problems sometime gauging how much I can and can't eat of some foods. Dry food doesn't seem to block and I can eat heaps more of it than soft mushy food like pasta salad and potato bake. I have a lap bandster plate that has markings on it as to how much I should be eating but hubby doesn't like me taking it out with me, don't know why...... Also I need to concentrate when I'm eating, i.e not driving through Sydney traffic, not trying to have an involved conversation with friends at dinner, not trying to eat as much as I could before the banding. Oh well I will learn or I will get very good at finding toilets no matter where I go.
For Christmas I was given a gift voucher in which to purchase a Pandora bracelet. Well I was also given a silver dangle charm with a blue CZ butterfly to start me on my journey. I have so lot 7kg so for the first 5 kg I have lost I choose to get a small silver spacer with swirls on it. I only got a small charm as the first 5kg I didn't have to work that hard for. The more weight I lose the better the charm. I will also be blogging the reason for what type of charm I choose.