Sunday, November 22, 2009

My big news

Well the planets have finally aligned and I am up the duff. I am about 10 weeks along and very over it at this point. I had 1ml removed from my band a few days after I found out because I couldn't get any food down. I still have 24 hour nausea but at least I can get some food down. Since finding out 5 weeks ago I have lost about 2kg due to the nausea. Blob ( the name given to the foetus/parasite/unborn child) doesn't like meat of any description, cooked vegetables, most soft drink, water, eggs and some other foods every now and then. I have been having very low blood pressure e.g. 70/50 which makes getting up in the morning and moving quickly a little difficult and a bit dizzy. I am hoping that all the nausea, low BP and tiredness will go in a few weeks cos I am very over it. I have also decided not to find out what I am having as I want a surprise. Its funny how this decision has upset some people as they just HAVE to know......stiff. Its funny after having only a ml removed from my band it feels like I am nearly back to square 1 but I still notice I can't eat as much when I am hungry. I feel it is a combination of losing 25kg and giving up on the whole idea of having human kids. I have my fur children and it will be interesting to see how they go. They do well with other kids so they should be fine. Hope everyone else out there is going well in their lives and adventures.


fitnessbandit said...

Congratulations! Hope you be joining you in the 'up the duff club' in 2010!

Congrats again!

Bridget said...

You have no idea how happy I am for you!! Hope you feel better soon xoxo