Sunday, December 28, 2008

Self esteem rising

For the first time in 20 years I have gone swimming with just my cozzie on no boardshorts, no t-shirt. It may have been a one piece but it was still a cozzie. One day I may wear a bikini but that might have to wait for 30 kgs less of me.

Friday, December 26, 2008

My Christmas

Well after the drama of Monday night arguments and threatened divorce life is somewhat all good. Did Christmas day lunch with husbands Nana (m-i-L's mother who is really cool and nothing like her daughter), had fun my fur children were there and they had fun. Survived lunch with m-i-l, s-i-l, pretty stress free. Then went to see Grandma (f-i-L's mother) and co at husbands aunts house, went for a quick visit and stayed for 5 hours playing world monopoly, had dinner and girls were taken for and played with by my husbands cousins.

Then on Boxing Day we did Christmas day all over again with my mum and dad on the coast. my brother was also there from the UK. After my brother eating dip that had cashews in it (that unfortunately I had brought) that he is allergic to and him throwing up then me having a blockage and needing to throw up. My brother then was taken to hospital by my mother with a near anaphalatic (?) reaction and had to stay there for 4 hours at Wyong ED. Dad, hubby and I all ate lunch anyway (home made pizza's and Pavlova) and watched the cricket on telly with my fur children taking over the house. Took it very cautious with lunch and only ate 1 slice of pizza. So after all the debacles of the past few days I got through them pretty unscathed.

Monday, December 22, 2008

More fill and In Law family crap

Well I went and saw Dr Tim Wright today. He did my fill as Dr Tony Azzi is on holidays. I bled more this time then I ever have. I now have 5.1mls in a 10ml band, I have also lost 6.6kg since my surgery. He wanted to put more in but I said no due to christmas. Still doing gym and pool thing every morning so all going well.

Well we had a party for my husband and my youngest dog. Well we had invited my sister in law and her family but apparently she thought we hadn't, so she then proclaimed that I was the world's worse person, that I was tearing his family apart and that I was mean and horrible to my mother in law and didn't try and hide it....should I?? Well after a very tense phone call with s-i-l and then with husband for not sticking up for me. All good now husband gone to Monday night dinner at m-i-l without me but has said he is going to tell her that I will no longer be going to monday night dinner and I will no longer have anything to do with her or life will then be complete.

Monday, December 15, 2008

My new fitness routine

Well I have already started to up the anty on my fitness routine. I now get up at 5am leave for the gym at 6am, go for a walk up and down the street the gym is in till it is open then go to the pool for about 30mins to 45 mins then go to work. Lets see if I can keep it up.

Hope all is well in everyone elses world........

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Well I have just come home the gym. My first visit in over 5 months. It felt good to be I just have to stay there!!

I have been home most the morning and had some chinese for llunch which ended in some pain and ?a blockage. I had to walk around for a while and it eventually worked its way down.

Well I'm off to the coast tonight to go to the Central Coast Weightloss group for some comparing of stories and sharing of knowledge.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hi everyone,

Well it is Tuesday. I have 3 shifts left of my nursing placement and I am very over it. I had a fill today with Dr Azzi. He had a bit of trouble and I bleed a little but it happens. I had 0.7mls put in which puts me at 4.8 mls in a 10ml band. My port area is a little sore. I go back again in 2 weeks for another fill if I need it. I still managed to est some chinese without to much trouble so I think this is going to be a long road till I hit my sweet spot.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Hi everyone and welcome to my life.

I am 26 years old I live in Cardiff, NSW, Australia. I am married and have 2 fur children Suzie 4 yr old Chihuahua x Staffy and Kira 2 yr old American Staffy, they are my life and I couldn't imagine my life without them. I work as an Endorsed Enrolled nurse for 2 GP surgeries and agency in the hospital system as well as doing my registered nurses degree via correspondence (cos I have nothing else to do with my life........not). In my spare time I navigate rally cars and watch motor sport.

I recently had a gastric lap band inserted for weight loss. I have struggled with my weight my whole life and thanks to my mum and dad I have finally been able to do something big about it. I was 107.8kg when I was first banded. My goal is to get to about 60kg or fit into a size 12 jean skirt and size 12 jeans. I have currently lost about 5.5 kg and have some fill in my band.

During my life I have suffered from severe depression and obesity. I know I will continue to have a lifelong battle with both but I will win and I will somewhat take control of my life again.

So this is somewhat of a diary of my life. So one day I can look back at it and see where I have come from and where I am going to.