Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bit of pain day

Well I have had one of those days, I didn't feel like much breakfast so I just had a celebrity slim shake, I was about to go out to the shops when I developed left shoulder and neck pain. I have never had this pain before, so in the car I had some Panadol and Brufen that had a little trouble going down. Very strange as I have never had problems with tablets before. We got to the shops and I shared a muffin with my husband and I think between the painkillers and the muffin the pain has gone.

While I was at the shops I got my 2nd charm in my weight loss journey. I purchased a cross as the nurse hat is apparently no longer available. My mum is a nurse and she is the reason I have my lap band, she suggested it, supported me getting it and paid for it.

Tomorrow I leave for Armidale for a week for Uni. I am doing my uni course by correspondence so I attend the campus for a week every semester for a week for lectures. During this week traditionally we get feed good food from the dormitory where we stay but we have our own little stash of "other food stuffs " in the fridge in our rooms. Traditionally I don't do any sort of exercise except walking up the big hill to the lecture hall and walking around the uni campus.

So I must leave you and attempt to finish packing and getting into the uni zone of mind.........

Friday, January 30, 2009

Thank god its Friday......

Well thank god it is Friday. I have had one of those weeks that I don't want to repeat. After Monday its all gone down hill. After carrying stuff to and from the car on Australia Day My shoulders and back were buggered so I went to the gym Tuesday, Thursday and Friday but not Wednesday. My food intake has varied from great to down right disgusting. My mood has gone from happy go lucky to tired irritable cranky snappy and down in the dumps.

I am going to Armidale on Sunday for a week for Uni. I hate Armidale and loathe the place. I enjoy the fact that once I'm there I can only do uni work and not worry about other stuff, but I don't do well with people that don't listen in lectures then ask the same question that was just answered. I enjoy the fact that I get to hang out with a cool friend of mine Jayne that is as psycho as I am and we get along very well. She is also banded and this will be my first res school banded. I enjoy being away but hate the town there is nothing to do after hours and I hate going to the pubs cos they are a completely different breed of people. I am going to try and do some walking and some swimming if we can fit it in to keep up my exercise and maybe help my mental health, so I apologise in advanced for some of my posts that will be coming over the next week.

Monday, January 26, 2009


Well I stepped on the scales this morning and I now weigh 98kg. I am now 200g off my first 10kg weight loss. I also bought a pair of 3/4 jean shorts in size 18 cos the size 20 pair I had I could take off without undoing them. I am so happy that it is all coming together and that me getting u at 5am to go to the gym and pool have not been in vain.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Last night......

Well after yesterday telling everyone I hadn't had a pb in over a week I had one last night. Chicken with no sauce and I don't mix. So up it came.... The funny thing is though we were at friends of ours that have a rottweiler named Winston, he hadn't met my 2 girls Suzie a chihuahua x staffy and Kira an american staffy. So we decided thta because it was so hot that we would bring them around so they cpuld enjoy the ac as well which is all good except everytime I went to the toilet to clear pb I had my own little fan club following me and waiting for me. How cute. On the whole they got on well except Winston waning to chew my girls ears, Kira making faces at him wanting to play inside after Winston was banished to his mat and Suzie wanting to be on the couch after being told no many many times, oh and Kira and Suz staring at the bird cage wondering what the hell it was cos they had never seen a bird in a cage before. Oh well Australia Day tomorrow which will mean lots of sitting around at Speers point park if its not too hot and chewing nibbles and BBQ. I promise I will try and be good........maybe....

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Progress and eye on the prize

Hi everyone, well since my fill I can notice the smallest of difference in my restriction.

My husband asked me last night what my goals were. He has said that when reach my goal clothing size he is going to get me a 50's style pin up girl photo shoot, and he is going to get one of those photos tattooed on him. I love the 50's style rockabilly era and would love to be those girls. At my current size there was no way I could wear those clothes and look good let alone fit into them. He has also promised me to take me shopping at some rockabilly shops for some clothes and my mother has said when I get to size 12 she will buy me a new wardrobe clothes. Hello just another light at the end of the tunnel.

Well I have been going to Curves every morning and then the pool doing laps with my kick board and flippers. I have been trying to watch what I eat and I haven't had a PB for at least a week....yeah me!!

Well I am getting my hair done tonight. I am getting my foils put back in and it dyed blue my usual colour. I haven't felt like getting my hair done for about 9 months but I am attempting to take more pride in myself and keep my mental health in check cos at the moment I feel it slipping southward. I have an appointment with my Gp 13.2.09 after I get back from my week at Armidale for Uni residential school ( read week in hell in a boring town with people who don't listen in lectures then ask the same questions someone else just asked and the heat oh my god!!!) I will attempt to stay positive and I have started making a list of everything to ask my doctor about, I could be there for a while.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More Fill

Well I had another .3mls put in my band. So that is now a total of 5.4mls in a 10 ml band. I can feel more restriction already which is great. I have been going to the gym and then to the pool and then onto work. If I didn't do it before work I wouldn't do it at all cos I am so tired and irritable by the time I finish work it wouldn't be worth it. All going well otherwise. House still a mess Uni work not really started and yard looks like a bomb has hit it. But hey no one ever died wishing they did more housework.

Monday, January 19, 2009

My Qld trip

Well I have been to Tallebudger near the Gold Coast for a friend of mines housewarming party. I did well food wise. I only had one chuck due to a chicken drumstick that wasn't quite chewed enough. As I said to my friend Karen I eat like a 2 year old, ie,I take a while, don't eat much and when bored I play with the rest. Really enjoyed myself and would love to do it again real soon but maybe without the 8 hour drive both ways in one weekend.

Bandwise I feel good. I am having another fill hopefully on Wednesday so that we curb the amout I am eating and keep me fuller for longer as at the moment I have to eat every 2-3 hours to keep the rumbling at bay. For all saying it is head hunger or you are just dehydrated I drink over 2Ls a day and if i don't eat when my tummy rumbles I get dizzy and feel really odd. I am going to discuss all this with my wonderful dietitian Bronwyn.

Monday, January 12, 2009

My day ......what a day

Well off to a somewhat bad start running late to gym but ate a proper breakfast. Went to the pool after the gym as I every morning. Get to pool, pool closed till further notice sign on door. So go and wait outside work for an hour and eat the innards of a potato pie. Regret eating same pie nearly straight after it. Get to work and get started during my day I end up dealing with delusional old lady who we needed to call an ambulance on. Spend the day in a hot little car with no aircon. Then attempt lunch..a mini crispy chicken wrap. Get nearly all the way through then got over excited and needed to 'clear' the last part. Get hungry later and have a packet of salt and vinager chips. I then get my hair done and attempt to have subway for dinner. A 6 inch meatball sub cut in half. Didn't end well. Oh well new day tomorrow to start a fresh.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday weigh in

Well I have weighed myself today and I have now lost another .6 kg so I now weigh 99.2kg and a total lose of 8.6kg!! Food is beginning to get me down. I can eat 3 cruskits with salad on them but can't eat bits of chicken breast and salad.....oh well live and learn, maybe I need to reassess my chewing of chewy foods before I go there again.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Time for a fill......

Well I thought that I was going OK there since my last fill. I was having a few things stuck here and there, but now its only if I don't chew properly. But lately I am eating everything, and I'm getting hungry, I don't mean head hunger I mean tummy growling even after having a drink. Also my weight loss has somewhat stopped I have lost 8 kg since my surgery nearly 4 months ago and I have been going to the pool and curves 5 days a week.

I am booked for another fill on the 22nd so hopefully that goes OK as I will be going to Armidale for uni for a week from the 1st-7th Feb. But on the plus side one of my very good friends is at uni with me and she also has been banded so we know all about pbing and the issues.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Well last night I went to my monthly meeting of the Central Coast Weight loss Support Group. Even though I need to drive 1 hour to get there and everytime I have gone there so far the local police have pulled me over for stupid things, have wasted my time and I wasn't doing anything ticket worthy!! Oh well, back to the meetings, I love going to these meetings the girls and boys are fantastic, Not a bitchy one in the room. I love sitting around and talking about everyones experience and comparing notes. We brainstorm ideas about issues people maybe having. I love it I look forward to it in my month. Anyone that has been banded or is thinking about it or people who are interested in weightloss should come and take in the vast knowledge that is flying around the room.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Exercise and other tid bits...

Well I have continued on my new improved exercise routine of curves then the pool 5 days a week. I feel much better for it and feel bad if I don't do it...........I didn't ever think I was going to be like that!!

Well I was measured and weighed yesterday at curves and in a month I have lost 28.5cm off my body, 2.5 kg and 1.87% off my total body fat!! Yeah me!! Now if I could just get my eating of crap foods and drinking of crap drinks under control imagine what I could do in a month!! May I add that these losses were also over Christmas when I only went to the gym 12 times due to holidays and so forth..

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Under 100kg

Well I weighed myself this morning and I now weigh 99.8kg so for the first time in many years I now weigh under 100kg!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Eve

Well NYE 08-09 has been done and dusted. I survived well. We went to a BBQ for friends of ours from the rallying community that have decided to relocate to QLD. It was good to hang out with everyone in a non pub environment. I didn't eat to much or feel the need to clear any blockages so the night went well. I drank soft drink all night and the fizzy didn't really bother me as I used a lot of ice to flatten it.

The next morning though was a different story. After having breakfast of 2 Weetbix at the home of the friend we were staying with at we decided to make for home. Due to it being 3 hours since I last ate and assuming that we would probably get stuck on the freeway we decided to have a pie on the way home which was going well except that driving and eating a pie is not the best idea for someone driving home on the freeway with all the insane hungover Sydney people and holiday makers with tired kids screaming in the back seat. I know as a lap banded person I should concentrate on eating very small bites and taking my time, but I have learned my lesson for today after pulling over on the side of the road after eating half the pie while driving and feeling very average so for the next 20 km I was trying hand not to panic. After pulling up on the side of the road and putting on a spew show for the passing motorist we continued on our way home without further incidents and we didn't even encounter any accidents or police which is very odd driving from Sydney to Newcastle on new years day.

I am having problems sometime gauging how much I can and can't eat of some foods. Dry food doesn't seem to block and I can eat heaps more of it than soft mushy food like pasta salad and potato bake. I have a lap bandster plate that has markings on it as to how much I should be eating but hubby doesn't like me taking it out with me, don't know why...... Also I need to concentrate when I'm eating, i.e not driving through Sydney traffic, not trying to have an involved conversation with friends at dinner, not trying to eat as much as I could before the banding. Oh well I will learn or I will get very good at finding toilets no matter where I go.
For Christmas I was given a gift voucher in which to purchase a Pandora bracelet. Well I was also given a silver dangle charm with a blue CZ butterfly to start me on my journey. I have so lot 7kg so for the first 5 kg I have lost I choose to get a small silver spacer with swirls on it. I only got a small charm as the first 5kg I didn't have to work that hard for. The more weight I lose the better the charm. I will also be blogging the reason for what type of charm I choose.