Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My rollarcoaster day....

Well it started out OK.........

I got an interview with a nursing agency so I can earn some more money and be more flexible with my shifts and study.

My husband was let go from his job but he is relieved as he hated it and felt they were dangerous people to work for and felt he was being used which he was, but now its back to job hunting again and this time there is no payout for us to live on.

I had some more fill put into this afternoon and the dietitian Bronwyn and my fill Dr, Dr Azzi were very impressed with my weight loss to date. They both said I have lost as much in a year as they would have expected in 2 years. They asked me to do a talk at Octobers' Lap Band seminar for people who are thinking of having lap banding done. I have my size 22 pants ready and waiting to show off. I feel a little nervous about doing it as I don't want to scare people off having it done but also don't want to make out its easy.

So that was my day today. I have been having a very up and down week as well I suppose.....

Monday was good I got to see my new furry niece, Sarah the Rottie puppie and my human niece and nephew,Tahlia and Lochlan.
Tuesday was good I went to the psychologist and felt like I was making some big breakthroughs as well as opening more cans of worms/issues. But got to work and we were one nurse down and Dr so I was very flat out and didn't leave till after 6pm.
Today started out good and then slowly went to shit.

I can only hope my week gets better.......or else it won't be pretty.

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