Thursday, July 21, 2011

Changes again....

Well after 2 visits to the shrink it has been decided that I am not bipolar but just have major depressive illness (which we already knew). So I have now stopped the bipolar medication and will soon commence on new anti depression medication. At the moment I will continue to still see the psychologist and hopefully only need to see the psychiatrist once more. Since stopping the bipolar medication my sleep is now non-existent and I feel more unmotivated then ever. Apparently the new medication will greatly help with sleep and hopefully kick start the happy chemicals again.

Weight is still the same but I'm hoping that will all change soon. I have been trying to get to the gym when I can so that is a start. Food choices are a whole other issue but all in good time.

Miss Charlotte is taking 4-5 steps at the time and is really trying to hold a conversation with anything that will listen including her toys. Her weight is slowly progressing but its her allergies and intolerance's that are holding us back and causing us issues. Her reflux still causes her issues and if I forget her medication I know about it by the afternoon as she turns into a very unhappy bubba who just curls up in a ball.

Other than that life is just rolling along.......

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